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Global Marketing Resources:

bulletWhich Markets First? (E-Business Advisor, Jan., 2001):
Many online businesses expect to expand internationally 
by targeting countries. But one country may comprise 
several markets. Which markets within that country do you target first?
bulletWorld of Difference (Industry Week, Feb., 2000)
bulletMcKinsey Quarterly: Getting to global (The McKinsey Quarterly, 1999 Number 4)
bulletThe Worldwide Sell, by Martha Bennett (CIO Magazine)
bulletIntroduction to The Lexus and the Olive Tree (by Thomas L. Friedman); and an excerpt from Chapter One
bulletGlobal Capitalism: It has created millions of jobs the world over, brought technology to developing countries, and transferred nearly $2 trillion from rich nations to poor ones. So why is so much rage being vented over it? (Business Week, Oct. 27, 2000 issue)

Newspapers Links:  


- European Union on the Internet                                                
- The BBC - Le Monde Diplomatique - AFP(French)
- AFP (English)
ABC (Spain)
- Der Spiegel (Germany)
- La Stampa (Italy)


- The Globe and Mail
- The Montreal Gazette
- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


- New York Times

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