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Benefits of Exporting:

bulletIncreased Sales.
When Domestic Sales are good,  when your local Competition is getting tougher
or when Sales decrease, the time is ripe for you to start Exporting to gain new Revenues.
bulletHigher Profits.
Your profits can rise faster, if your company's fixed costs are covered by 
domestic operations.
bulletReduction of dependence on traditional Markets.
You can strengthen your company by diversifying into International Markets.
bulletDiversified Markets.
Companies that market internationally can take advantage of booming Export Markets.
bulletNew Knowledge, Experience and Enhanced Domestic Competitiveness.
Expand your horizons! Often, new ideas, new approaches, new marketing 
techniques learned from exposure to the global marketplace can be successfully 
applied domestically.
bulletGlobal Competitiveness.
Today, many companies outside your country are entering your local market, 
as they are exporting worldwide. 
Exporting paves the way to Global Competitiveness.


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Reasons to Globalize your Business by using the Internet:

bulletThe following figures (from the Aberdeen Group, 2001) point to the enormous opportunity 
in using the Internet to expand international sales:
bulletNon-U.S. Web surfers account for 65% of all Web traffic worldwide, and non-English-speaking 
surfers for 55%.
bulletMore than 20% of traffic on U.S.- based Websites comes from outside the U.S.
bulletBy 2004, B-to-B (business-to-business) E-Commerce revenue is estimated to surpass 
$7 trillion (North America represents $2.8 trillion, or 40%)
bulletBy 2003, 66% of all E-Commerce spending will originate outside the U.S.
bulletCompanies are experiencing increased international competition because telecommunications
is no longer an inhibitor, and the Web has reduced the geographical barriers to entry;
retailing has expanded beyond cross-border to become truly global.

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